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I invite you to think about a time in your life that you felt you really wanted or needed guidance to deal with a situation? From how to deal with life in the single lane, to juggle small children and a career to coping with the death of a loved one. Perhaps someone suggested journaling or just writing things down, but it was too overwhelming or you just didn’t know where to start.


What about gratitude journaling, ever started that only to find that

you’re thankful for the same things over and over again?


Our guided journals help people through life-altering events from cancer to dealing with the covid pandemic. I’m passionate about writing and the transformative power of journaling as part of a holistic wellness lifestyle. Having being diagnosed with Complex PTSD myself, I am uniquely positioned to understand traumatic experiences, but more importantly, how to heal.

At Journaling Through Life, we believe in the powerful transformation of guided writing. As part of a holistic self-care lifestyle, our journals will provide you with insight and empowerment so you can live your best life.


When we are connected, healed and aligned, we take care of ourselves, others and the environment. 


Journaling Through is committed to sustainability and our journals are print-on-demand meaning we only print a journal when you order one. We also offer a digital journal paperless option. 

Below is a description of each of the journals that we offer.

Click on a topic to learn more about the journal that is right for you:




Working Moms

Divorce - A Money Saving Journal (No Feelings)

Breast Cancer 

Family Support in Cancer

Loss & Grief 


Can anyone journal? 


If you are a person who wants to take ownership of your life, whether trauma-related or not, then there is a journal for you! 


Are all the journals available digitally and in print? 


All of our premium journals are available digitally, and in print, however, there is more free content on the app. 


I'm a mental health professional; how will the journals help my practice? 


Our journals are as a synergy between patient and professional. Allowing the patient to work through the journals on their own time frees up the professional's energy to focus on the substance of the therapy session. In turn, the patient feels more in control of their growth and can pinpoint the areas of struggle or challenges that need more explorations when they meet with the professional. 


Is my information safe on the digital app? 


A third-party software safeguards your information. We will never sell or trade your personal information to anyone. For more details, please email feedback@journalingthrough.ca. People have also used the digital app to guide and write the answers in their paper-based journals. 

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