Christine Bergsma

Journaling Through continues to set the bar for mental wellness, self-care and empowerment in the progressive healthcare field. A holistic approach to our workshops, motivational speaking and guided journals form the cornerstone to synergistically align all the parties involved.

Known for her customization, ability to actively engage the audience with practical skills and insights, she masterfully facilitates and delivers information in a way that is understandable, actionable and uplifting. 

Christine is recognized as an authority on sustainable self-care methodologies through decades of academic research and in-field experience. Having overcome Complex Post-traumatic-stress-disorder

(C-PTSD), her understanding of holistic healing, when faced with a life-altering event, is transformative and empowering. ​

Areas of Expertise:
  • Breast Cancer​

  • Family Support Through Cancer

  • Professional Caregiver

  • Loss & Grief

  • Infertility

  • Divorce

Motivational Speaking Topics:

Energy Resilience Training

Reinvigorate your inner energy with proven and sustainable self-care techniques. Transform frantic into calm, burnout into enthusiasm and stress into control. 


More than just a trending hashtag, this session delves into how women can embrace their femininity within the workplace, without sacrificing homelife, personal growth or career advancement.

Holistic Harmony to Heal​

 Actionable insights through guided journaling methodologies to holistically reconnect the body, mind and spirit after a life-altering event as an integrated approach to healing.

From Healed to Healer

In this session, we explore how to use our personal story as a foundation for assimilation our life-altering circumstances to heal.

Create a Culture of Healing

This actionable blueprint relieves the medical professionals from additional strain while simultaneously creating an environment where patients and caregivers have their personal preferences considered.

Empowered, the proactive healthcare team can address future needs and challenges, while ensuring that their own self-care is a priority.


“I’m still thinking about the session last week and have come back many times to a “why” statement which is helping put some things into perspective at BFO. I think it’s really going to help provide us with some direction both with our volunteers and the members we serve. Sometimes we just need to be reminded what we’re actually trying to do here!


I have also many times reflected on rescuing people vs supporting from a place of love with respect to motivation of our volunteers. It’s really put some things into perspective for us.

So I guess I’m just wanting to say thank you!”


Jaime Bickerton, Executive Director Bereaved Families of Ontario – Midwestern Region.

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