Jade Karling Black

Co-Author of Journaling Through Pregnancy

Jade is a certified life skills coach, lifestyle blogger and published author.

Jade also works as a guest co-host on the Grief Dreams Podcast where she fulfils her passion for connecting with people in a meaningful way. Jade whole-heartedly believes in the undeniable power of creating radical change within and has dedicated both her personal and professional life to exploring this initiative. When Jade is not writing, working or discovering she is chasing around her beloved daughter, River. Jade resides in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  

Journaling Through Pregnancy is a beautiful resource that prompts women to connect to all parts of themselves while they're venturing through pregnancy and birth. This journal awakens your creativity and expands your perception on all topics related to motherhood in an empowering and transformative manner.

A true gift to motherhood!

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